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Development builds Pkg manager Source. To make FontForge more pleasant to use, you can change some aspects of the way it works on Macs.

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These steps are optional. Hot keys UI size 3-button mouse. FontForge is designed to make use of a three button mouse. It is also designed to make use of modifier keys on mouse clicks eg, Control-left-click can mean something different than left-click. If you have a standard one button mouse, then you have the option of having the Mac simulate a three button mouse for instance Option-left-click behaves like clicking the middle mouse button.

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Unfortunately this means you can no longer use the Option key to change the behavior of the left only button click. To enable this, click the XQuartz app in the Dock, and then go to X11 menu in the top left, Preferences, Input, and turn on Emulate three button mouse.

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If you have a two or three button mouse, then use it and turn off Emulate three button mouse in the X11 preferences. You can also subscribe to the user and developer lists.

Third-party installed font does not appear in the font list in Word for Mac

FontForge Download Documentation Development. Download and install FontForge For releases before 1. To install an update: Drag and drop the new FontForge. If the hotkeys are unfamiliar, you can change them! Some third-party fonts may work in one application and not in another.

Other third-party fonts are installed in a "family". A family usually consists of the third-party font itself together with some or all of its variations bold, italic, and so forth. Sometimes, a font may be displayed in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Entourage, but you may be unable to use one of its variations, such as italic.

Office does not support custom fonts. This includes any fonts that were manipulated by a font or typography program. Microsoft Office for Mac technical support does not provide support for installing or configuring third-party fonts. If the following methods don't resolve your font issue, contact the font manufacturer or the website from which you purchased the fonts.

First, restart your computer, and then test the font again. Some installations are not complete until the computer is restarted.

How to download and install new fonts on a Mac computer

This also makes sure that all applications are restarted after the installation. Clear the font caches. To do this, quit all Microsoft Office applications. Restart the computer. Apple OS X will rebuild its font cache, and Word will rebuild its font cache from that. For best performance in Word, try to run with all your fonts enabled all the time.

Each time that Word starts, it compares its font cache with the system font cache. If the two don't match, Word will regenerate its own font cache, which can take a few seconds.

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If you have dynamically enabled fonts, the system font cache will appear different nearly every time that Word runs this comparison. You must do this every time you install an update, because the Microsoft installer tries to restore the disabled fonts each time.

FontLab. Font editors and converters for Mac and Windows.

Restart the computer in Safe mode. Then, restart the computer normally. For more information about how to restart your computer in Safe mode, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:.