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Apple computers have the Time Machine software that allows devices connected to compatible external hard drives to recover everything they were doing in the past on their computer. On Windows, the Timeline function does that for the last 30 days, without the need for an external hard drive. Dark mode. Windows machines also have their version of Night Shift, which softens whites on the computer as the sun sets to protect your eyes. A virtual assistant.

If you like talking to Siri on your Mac for some reason, you can talk to Cortana in much the same way on Windows computers, and on many, you can choose to wake her up without pressing any keys. If you really want to. Screenshots are a little more complicated. It was a massive hassle. Em dashes, too. So if you need to mess around in spreadsheets, build presentations, or write grant proposals, Windows will have you covered—for an additional fee , of course.

Mac vs. PC

And many other third-party work apps will have Windows versions as well, such as Slack , Trello , and Skype which is now a Microsoft company. Read More too. Hopefully these tips provide you with enough familiarity to get around in macOS. You should also download and print our macOS cheat sheet for a handy keyboard shortcut reference.

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Here are essential beginner tips to get started. Read More? Check out these tips for beginners. Explore more about: Mac Tips ,. Your email address will not be published. I would just like to say thanks for this helpful guide, I have recently purchased an iMac and was finding it frustrating not knowing how to navigate etc. I have read comments from a number of people reviewing this and like most of them I have been using Windows since year dot.

In fact my first computer was a Sinclair ZX21 with a 1k memory. So as you can imagine I have formed many habits that will be hard to break. But break they must! I can no longer put up with Windows, the latest version makes me want to throw the darn thing out of my 3rd floor window. So once again thanks for holding my hand as I learn to walk with my new best friend.

Really glad the guide helped. If you can think of any areas we missed, anything you've been wondering about, or ways we can make it better then please do let us know :. I'm trying to learn to use a Mac from a much longer PC use record. In fact, when I went college, they still taught how to enter data on a card punch. The first PC I recall using extensively was an Osborne. BTW, it still works LoL!

So yes, though I have a current iPhone and iPad, Mac is not quite the same logic of operation. Thank you so much!

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I switched to a Mac based on my families want. I have yet to like it. I should qualify that I am a pre-windows computer user and was tech savy. If the family runs away to Tahiti without me these machines are going to learn to fly from my 2nd floor window.

Then I will be happy. What sort of operations are taking longer, out of interest?

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And do you have a trackpad either in MacBook form, or Magic Trackpad? And then apps like Better Touch Tool can also speed up workflow considerably. Do you use Mission Control and multiple desktops? Do you search for everything using Spotlight? I'm struggling to see how macOS is less efficient than Windows, it's one of the biggest improvements I encountered when I switched platforms 5 years ago now.

Just last week I was forced to switch to a Mac. I basically could operate in Windows without a mouse It was faster. About Linux, it has a wide range of software for driver support. But now the time has changed. Linux is one of the widely used OS in both desktop or server machine. Now all the major vendors provide hardware compatible drivers for Linux distros as soon as it gets for other systems like Mac OS or Windows OS.

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If you can master a lot of money and want a system with ready to go, then I prefer you choose Mac OS. This system will give you a fantastic and polished desktop environment with a robust performance. Mac OS is an excellent choice for beginner users and some advanced users who want to do some high-end sound or video editing task and graphics designing.

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Moreover, there is a Terminal or command line interface which acts as an advanced tool for performing any tech-savvy level job. Linux is a hub of free and open source software. There are thousands of applications available in the market, which are a quite useful alternative to any paid business suites or applications.

Buying a Mac OS powered Apple machine or software both cost you lot of money. Apple indeed provides some high-end, sophisticated software, but you have to be ready to release a penny for either their software or services.

10 reasons to get an Apple Mac instead of a Windows PC

Security and privacy is the key factor for the Linux system. On the other hand, Mac OS is a nicely organized walled garden for the users created by Apple. Apple always provides stable security patches whenever any security holes or breaches occurs or reported. Linux has a large number of community bases to help you out anytime, anywhere security breached happens in the system.

Everything comes pre-defined from the company, and hardly you have any chance to make the system as you wish. In the case of a Linux system, you will have jaw-dropping customization options for whatever you feel like to do. It offers both a GUI or command line interface for basic and advanced customization accordingly.

But on Windows and Mac OS, it provides administrative and root access from the beginning, which makes the system more vulnerable to malware and virus. Mac OS is an excellent choice for creating a development environment of sound, movie, graphics design, or web design elements. But you are a programmer or intend to do programming, and then the best choices will be adopting Linux system. There are thousands of code editor , text editor , IDEs , and programming languages only created kept Linux environment in mind. Apple is the only vendor who provides all the system update, and Mac system has its own system integrated app store, which makes it very easy and effortless to get the required updates.

Mac users hardly need any tech knowledge for updating the system and software. On the other hand, Linux was known as a bit complicated system and best for tech-savvy people.

OS Platform Statistics

Linux distros provide easy steps to install the system itself, and it has a well-integrated repository system for updating installed applications. Linux remains a thousand miles ahead in this sector. There are hundreds of Linux desktop environment available depending on users need and system configuration.

You can also change the whole system by adding various Themes and Icons. Like Windows, Mac OS is a preferred system for developing the latest and trending games. You get all the games on the Mac system.