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When he played this at Coachella but they played it faster it was amazing. Mac and the band were so fucked up it made the performance that much better, so glad I got to see them play live. My little sister sent me this song to listen to. Just like how it should be. What happened to this guitar energy you used to have? Your new cowboy songs are just so depressing and hard to listen, at least for me. Man keeps me going all over the continent.

This song is amazing, I never would have figured it would have been made in , it legit sounds like something that would have come out in the 60s. Anyone checking him out because calpurnia did a cover of my kind of woman and because finn wolfhard did a cover of cooking up something good?

Mac DeMarco Songtexte, Lyrics & Übersetzungen

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Cell Block Ent. September 18, Read more. Metro Los Angeles SilverRose. She's beautiful and her voice is beautiful! We definitely love Filmed on location in San Antonio, Texas. Directed by Jim Mendiola. Tags alternative rock brooklyn captured demarco freaking indie mac neighborhood omnian music group out the tracks two.

He looks like Andre from The League…and I love it, and this song. This song is so fucking boss. This guy is like an instant legend… to me at least.

I know you guys are going to hate me for this, but this song almost reminds me of Dire Straits. Just saw this guy live in Montreal today. Great show, lots of energy! I think this song is about Mac shoving a drum stick up his ass. This song is really helping me get thru some tough times …thnks a million! This is some really good stuff.

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Reminds me of Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits. You, my sir, have an amazing taste in music. Sultans of the swing vibe.

Freaking Out The Neighborhood

No one threw out Johnny Marrs out there?? His music sounds like it was mad by some stoned surf boarders in like the 90s. I really like it. That guitar in the intro Ffs I love when music is this good. In fact, my whole knowledge of Mac came from this. Anybody know the guitar pedals that the Lead guitarist uses, to get the crisp sound. The melody is definitely like them.

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Someone Something you are literally one of the most annoying people on the interent. No srs made me laugh though. Love Mac but that tooth gap. Im glad im not the only one reminded of this song sounding like early AM. Listen it with speed, will sound strange when get back to the normal. Discovered that band little time ago…so fucking brilliant! He was drunk and the concert was a shit show.

This was his apology to his mom. Deadly mix. Listen at. Mac usually plays a metallica cover or deux at his gigs funnily enough.

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  • Missing lyrics by Mac DeMarco?.
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  • Mac DeMarco - Freaking Out The Neighborhood Lyrics.

Twister aye fuck you man you ruined my day with this mind fuck. Hey, listen to this shit live buddy boy… u might like what u see. Chamber of Reflection is my favorite song by Mac. If Hunter S. Putamare llegan los mexicanos con sus compatriotas aun mas imbeciles carajo…. A teisco or univox hi flyer is a good bet.

Marcelo Arias pa ke po oe la loquita viene con wena onda para la mano zi. Morty Smith Okay that one is a bit far out playing this great track in a movie about greasers?

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Brown Body Vlogs the smiths are my 3rd favorite band…. Every time I listen to mac I want to shive drumsticks up my ass. A song about putting drumsticks up your butt? What kind of heaven are you going to? What he minds is strictly rythm, he doesnt wanna make it cry or sing. MaryJane Ramos you are a liar. Why would someone even be on there phone during a mosh pit. Does Mac have anymore songs that are like this? My ego is just inflating like a fucking hot air balloon but you know, it may be the only chance I get in my life so I might as well enjoy it".

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Even lyrics that are straightforward- people either totally miss it or take something completely different. In a nutshell, how would he, the curator of the music itself describe his art? We both laugh at this somewhat ill-fitting description of his music. Still, this holds true to the live element of his show. By enjoyable he means: "Just a lot of us being complete jackasses on stage. Like I give no shred of an ass". But I always come back to wanting to write and record music. Header Left Sections. Enter your keywords.

Mac DeMarco - Freaking Out The Neighborhood

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