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I had a similar initial reaction, is this PHR 2. Apple seems to have the right partners engaged for their initial developments. Will be fascinating to see how this unfolds…. In order for someone to choose to spend time on an app when there are millions of them in the app store the user needs to get something in return.

And they need to get that return quickly. When I search for a restaurant on Foursquare I get a return recommendations.

When I use OpenTable I get a return a dinner reservation. When I use WhatsApp I get a return a conversation with a friend. When I use Spotify I get a return music. But what does the consumer get when they upload a bunch of health data into the Apple health record? At least not immediately. Which they hope they never are.

This is the challenge with patient-driven health records. This is part of the brilliance of Zocdoc disclaimer: I worked there for almost 4 years. They are able to compile important health information from the consumer. Lots and lots of it.

Free and open source Electronic Health Record

Every single day. People are busy and have been trained to ignore everything unless it makes them feel good or gives them some near instant utility. Excellent post and thoughtful commentary. Captures the conundrum around healthcare consumerism well, i. For this system to work and be inspiring I would expect that the process of loading data to the app to be seamless, effortless, and invisible. Like well connected IoHT devices, the data should just go there — from my scale, my watch, and now from my health institution s.

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Downloads 3, Version Downloads License Shareware. Date 28 Feb To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Log in. The application helps the patient in storing and tracking the diet, weight, medications, allergies, health history, fitness, lab results, X-rays, scans, blood pressure and other health-related information.

Carry medical history in your pocket | Top 10 mobile apps for personal medical records

Additionally, the app also serves with chronic medical history and insurance information at the time of an emergency. The application serves with the recording and accessing of lab reports, X-rays, chronic medical reports and blood pressure information. The application also features secure messaging for connecting with the healthcare provider. Apart from the clinical data, the patient can also store details such as phone number and address using the application.

With the use of this recording tool, one can save money and other inconveniences like repeating several medical tests.

Apple’s Health Records App: A Ripple or a Roar?

CapzulePHR Capzule PHR Personal Health Record app allows the user to create personal sets of health monitoring templates helping the user to record health condition variations, the progress of health goals among other observations. Data can as well be shared between devices over Wi-Fi.

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The app also allows password protection while on public Wi-Fi spots. Medical Records The app is a modernized solution for keeping all the health-related data or information. Once the application is downloaded on the smartphone of the user, the user can save all the personal medical data including the doctor visits, the lab test results, diagnosis history of any particular illness, prescription of medicines, medicine reminder, data of performed operations or surgery and much more. The calendar of events helps the user in getting a scheduled reminder about the doctor appointments, blood tests and other tests and pills taken.

The application is aimed to help the patients in keeping their medical data safe using a smartphone and cloud management service.

Electronic Medical Records

It is a comprehensive record keeping software for storing personal health data. The app is available for Mac users, where the patient can himself track and chart the test results and other medical related information about his health. In short, it is an organized medical database for the personal as well as family use. GenexEHR This application provides registered users with seamless access to their medical records that are stored in the cloud. This means medical data can be accessed at any place any time without having to walk around with hard copies.

Users will also not have to worry about the loss of data of medical history since the user only goes to the application and downloads medical history in cases of emergencies. The app is handy for travelers since their medical history is stored on the cloud and they can access at a touch of a button.